Why Management hires often fail and what to do about it?

Rapid Impact Coaching: Coaching for Immediate Impact and Induction

As research by the Harvard Business Review in 2016 shows 40-60% of management hires fail within 18 months and with a growing investor focus on good governance around senior appointments, there is an increased focus on the NED’s, CEO’s and business leaders involved in making such decisions. Although improved recruitment processes help, in many cases disappointment occurs not because the wrong person has been appointed, but because organisations fail to integrate new appointees into their new role. As a result, many feel disengaged and either underperform or leave within the first months.

It is surprising that the majority of the executive search and recruitment firms still put their effort mainly in searching and contracting the right manager, but normally do not have a clear onboarding service which really guarantees the success of the hire. The costs of a demotivated, underperforming executive, struggling to come to grips with new responsibilities, a new culture and a new team can be astronomical. And as the war to attract and retain key talent intensifies this is not a problem that organisations can ignore. It is key to offer these executives a more structured and effective onboarding service. Focusing on the early stages it is possible to reduce the time it takes for him or her to start making a meaningful impact, and maximize the leader’s personal engagement with the organization and brand.

We at Sedna really believe in quality onboarding as part of the executive search process and therefore we developed recently a Rapid Impact Coaching program, which helps newly appointed executives to prepare for their roles and be more effective. By meeting the manager and the organisation during the critical first 4 to 6 months, our coaches ensure that appointees are clear about their objectives and are equipped to make an immediate impact and deliver business results. The Sedna model targets four key areas of focus: Organisational and Individual Objectives (What am I here to do?), Personal Capability (How equipped am I to deliver?) Organisation Environment (What environment will I be operating in?) and Team Capability (What are my resources?).


Most new leaders fail not because their financial or operational abilities are inadequate, but because their style or political skills render them unprepared to manage the organization’s culture. Helping new leaders understand that culture and improve their “soft skills” to successfully integrate is the best way to increase their chances of success.

We at Sedna we offer “Rapid Impact Coaching” as onboarding service in our senior management appointments to guarantee a better induction and a rapid impact of the contracted manager.


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Allard de Jong, Fast Impact Coach and Martin Poppe, Founder and Managing Partner, Sedna Executive Search, 02 October 2017.