Services for the client company.

Sedna Talent Cycle

The Retail and Consumer industries move at an incredibly fast pace and the differentiating factor for the success of organizations today is their human resources. Companies are not only competing with each other to attract clients, but also to look for senior talent. At Sedna, we help your company to attract, hire and retain the most suitable profiles.


Sedna Employer Branding

Sedna Employer Branding,is a term that refers to the brand or image of your company as an employer. Employee branding is the process of creating and communicating a positive and distinctive image of an organization as an employee of choice. With the good Employer Branding strategy, Sedna helps attract, engage and retain the best talent, especially important in the executive search market, where competition is fierce and expectations are high.


Sedna Executive Search

Sedna’s main activity is the search, selection and recruitment of the best top executives, middle management and specialists for the Retail & Consumer sector. With these incorporations we strengthen the success of the organization and make a valuable contribution to the strategy and business success. In the war for talent, Sedna makes a difference in finding people with its International Research Team. We are looking for candidates at different areas, such as sales, marketing, operations, technology, purchasing, logistics, human resources or finance.


Sedna Onboarding

Sedna offers your company more guarantees to retain the hired candidate. We give a 6 to 12- month guarantee and for the most senior profiles we support this guarantee with our onboarding program “Quick Impact Coaching” with a dedicated coach. It is an integration service to maximize the utility and success of the newly appointed leader.

Sedna Assessments

Assessments plays a key role in the selection of Sedna. Measuring Talent is more critical today than ever. In addition to competency interviews, we offer assessments with significant added value in measuring skills and attitudes.


Sedna Key Continuity Management

Sedna offers a strategic service for the change from reactive recruitment to proactive recruitment: Key Talent Continuity (KC Management). It is about anticipating possible vacancies in the future. Sedna identifies passive candidates who may fill future positions at your company. Building this external talent pool has a big benefit: it reduces your total hiring time and costs. Additionally, KC Management ensures that roles won’t go unfilled for long periods or people won’t be promoted before they’re ready.